Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! I hope you all are having a beautiful Christmas. I wish you all joy, love, hope, peace, laughter, faith, salvation, and to know Gods great love for you! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! And please tell your family that you love them, no matter how crazy they are.
Bye For Now,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beauty From Pain

Sometimes I can get depressed and I know others do also. This world does hurt, but there is still beauty in it and if you allow it... it can overcome the hurts.

This summer heartache hit my family. One of my dads best friends died from a shocking massive heart attack. A month later my beautiful cousin Brittney Rokasky was killed from a tragic car accident. The sorrow of death was overwhelming.

In this fallen world that we live in we see pain every day. Whether it be a fallen solder, the death of a loved one, the tragedy of a shooting, or even an unkind word to somebody. “How do we live with this?”

Recently a dear lady at my church found out she has a incurable deadly disease called Lou Gehrig's disease . The doctors tell her she has only two years to live. In times like this we often ask “Why God?” I have asked this question many times...“God, I do not understand. God, help me to understand.”

I know God looks at death differently. We see it in a dark way. They are gone forever. Which yes from here they are, but forever they aren’t. They are going home.

This year has been very hard ,yet there has been some good things... some very good things that would not have happened without the hardships. I have grown stronger in the Lord. I see life differently then I have ever had and I think ever will . Life is a beautiful thing , life is good , God is good. Life is not just nothing, it’s the love of friends and family, the joy of laughter with each other, and the gift of another day. Enjoy life, because tomorrow is never promised.

As I look back on my friends and families sorrow, my pain, the heartaches of this world., and the question of “How can we live in times like this?” I see and remember this...

“Praise be to the LORD , to God [my] Savior, who daily bears [my] burdens. (Ps.68:19) I will praise You because you are my help and my deliverer; O LORD. (Ps.70:5) Father God, I praise You because you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift my head when I am weary or despised.” (Ps.3:3)

In times like this we can get angry at God , but God does not bring pain, he brings beauty from the pain. He bears our pain with us. Brittany's mother, my aunt, is finally turning back to God. A prayer that has been prayed for many years. Beauty from pain .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathryn Mackel's Birthright Project

The Birthright Project by Kathryn Mackel is an unforgettable series...a fantasy thriller with a heart of faith and an irresistible spirit of adventure.
I LOVE these books. Outriders was the first book I read from the talented Kathryn Mackel. She had me hooked from the very first page. Not only is her story of The Birthright Project fascinating, but her characters are so lovable. You can relate with them and I felt as if I grew with them in their struggles and with God. The only bad thing I can say about this beautiful series is that sadly the third and finale book was cancelled . Kathryn Mackel does do a good job at ending the series, but I wasn’t a hundred percent satisfied. Many questions were left unanswered, one being a character named Timothy. But please don’t let this stop you from reading these books. They are worth it! I promise you that!

Outriders :Book One
A new ark. An ancient enemy.

Young warriors fighting the darkness.

Delivered through the polar ice by a whale, their journey is nothing short of miraculous, their mission, nothing short of impossible. Their quest is to reclaim God's birthright and preserve the original creation that is being mutated out of existence.

This daring team roams the blighted earth. They are Outriders, young warriors who wield swords and wits to protect the birthrighter camps. When rookie birthrighters arrive from the Ark, however, the battle turns into something no one expected. Not only must they battle the merciless warlord Alrod and his horde of gigantic mutants, but a new and more powerful enemy has revealed itself, a darkness that threatens to destroy the world they've been charged to save.

Trackers: Book Two

Far from home in a ravaged world,
the Birthrighters struggle for survival.

Raised in a new ark beneath polar ice, delivered by whale to a blighted surface, the young men and women of the Birthright Project have pledged their lives to a risky and redemptive mission—preserving God’s original creation from the ravages of the Endless Wars and human depravity.

They’ve roamed the earth tracking original species. They’ve successfully battled sorcerers, warlords, and armies of mutants. But now a twisted new enemy is on the march. An explosive old secret lurks beneath the glitter of a decadent city. And the mysterious darkness that swallowed a mountain spreads toward an innocent mill town.

Before they can prevail, the Birthrighters must confront their most difficult challenge: overcoming their individual desires that threaten to betray the group.

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Kathryn Mackel and The Birthright Project
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Kim Meeder

Bridge Called Hope by Kim Meeder is a beautiful book of stories of triumph from The Ranch of Rescued Dreams.

"During the darkest days I'd ever known, I was introduced to the unconditional love of a little horse and a merciful God, and my life has never been the same," says author Kim Meeder. And her book proves that hope is not only for us to keep...but to give.

Sometimes, just believing in someone is enough for them to start believing in themselves...

Kim Meeder is the cofounder and director of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, an organization that rescues abused and dying horses and pairs them with children in need. Children who have never know what it feels to be loved. Bridge Called Hope is a beautiful, moving book that shows Gods love for us and how he'll never let us go. Animals are truly angels among us.

The only bad thing I can say about this book is to not read it in public, because you will cry.. it's that moving!

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Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Welcome to The Realm of Hearts. My name is Ryan. I am a Christian who loves to read, especially Christian science fiction and fantasy. This blog is mostly going to be about beautiful books, by amazing authors. So if you're a Christian who loves to read, but has a hard time finding books , especially (science fiction and fantasy) with good morals then this is the place to be.