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Book One of The Chronicles of the Key Holders
The Realm of Hearts...

What will you choose?
Will you be a giver or a taker?
Will you choose what is right or will you choose what you want?

A mysterious man named Nyoka enters a peaceful realm presenting a gift to the high King of the Palace of Hearts, a silver locket with a lamb etched in the middle, that he says will grant him anything he could ever desire. When the king readily accepts his gift, his world is thrown into chaos and his heart is changed forever. War spreads across the land, as desire for the locket fills many hearts and memories of their once peaceful realm and the Great One are forgotten.

When Kaiden Dawn, Prince of The Palace of Hearts learns the truth of the gracious one called Naim, who many years ago gave a gift of great value for all to have; he finally sees a way to save his father from this dark spell and his world that is being consumed by it, but is it too late for a world that has forgotten Naim, a world that considers Naim a mere fairy tale? After all it was a story that was told to Kaiden when he was a child. Giving his entire heart for Naim and trusting in his love, Kaiden fights to stop the power of this locket from destroying his realm and all who live in it.

With a great war like no other on the horizon and a betrayal of heartache at hand, all hope is slipping away, but not all is as lost as it seems, for the Gracious One promised to return, and a whisper of him echoes in the darkness. 

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        Singer of Bees

King Ksil is throwing a celebration in honor of his kingdom and in doing so he wants to include the Bee Children. The King gives this hard task to his most beloved knight, Mori.

Mori would do anything for his king, but he hates the Bee Children. They are slaves after all and worth nothing in his eyes. Traveling on a journey across the kingdom he searches for his king's wish and is surprised at what his finds.

Devora has always been in slavery, yet holds onto the promise of her King, one day she will be free. Singing her praises to her King, she gets tangled in a mess she never dreamed would come true.

Devora opens Mori's eyes to love and the King of kings. With a new hope Mori decides to share the truth to his king, but when a sinister plan to kill all the Bee Children is lead from King Ksil himself, will Mori have the courage to disobey his king for a Bee Child? Will he be able to take bold steps for the King of kings?


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  2. Looks awesome!! I just found your blog and am heading over to your Facebook page now. Has your book been published yet? I'd love to read it :)