Saturday, January 24, 2015

Singer of Bees...

For those of you that follow me, I didn't reach my goal of completely finishing TROH last year. I believe it's close, but I want to let it sit for a little while… like a month or two. I think I focused too hard on it and my mind went a little crazy on over thinking a few things. No fear, I’m not abandoning it, I just need some fresh eyes before handing it over to a few special people, who will eventually led to giving it to all of you.

In other news, this year I want to work on another project called Singer of Bees. It’s a story I've had on my mind for the last two years and I feel led to finally let it go.(Start singing Frozen)

So here is the lovely cover-art and the "sort-of" synopsis (It needs work!).

King Ksil is throwing a celebration in honor of his kingdom and in doing so he wants to include the Bee Children. The King gives this hard task to his most beloved knight, Mori.  

Mori would do anything for his king, but he hates the Bee Children. They are slaves after all and worth nothing in his eyes. Traveling on a journey across the kingdom he searches for his king's wish and is surprised at what his finds.

Devora has always been in slavery, yet holds onto the promise of her King, one day she will be free. Singing her praises to her King, she gets tangled in a mess she never dreamed would come true.

Devora opens Mori's eyes to love and the King of kings. With a new hope Mori decides to share the truth to his king, but when a sinister plan to kill all the Bee Children is lead from King Ksil himself, will Mori have the courage to disobey his king for a Bee Child? Will he be able to take bold steps for the King of kings?

I'd like to finish this tale by summer. I plan on making it a short novella of 20,000 words. So far I'm at 4,000 words. It's a YA fantasy (of course) loosely inspired off of the Biblical story of Deborah and the Bible verses of Zechariah 10:8-10 (AMP version).  We'll see where this all goes... many of you know I don't follow goals very well. 

On another topic, what do you all think of my new blog look?