Sunday, February 1, 2009

The White Lion Chronicles by Christopher Hopper

Here is my praise for The White Lion Chronicles:
The White Lion Chronicles is a beautiful series, you will forever be changed after reading them. They are so touching you’ll cry tears of sorrow and joy. Christopher Hopper has profoundly written about the separation from God, sin, and the great sacrifice of what Jesus did for us. This series is so incredibly moving you can’t help, but stand in awe. I highly recommend reading these books.

I had the privilege of personally meeting Christopher Hopper on the West Coast Motiv 8 Fantasy Fiction Tour last year. He is an extremely kind man, who dearly loves his beautiful family, and God, with all his heart. When I heard The Fantasy Fiction Tour was coming to a town near me I was so excited, I actually couldn’t stop talking about it. Two of my favorite authors were going to be there, Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, I had to go. I dragged my family to come along with me (I’m the only one in my house who loves fantasy ) they surprisingly also had a lot of fun, especially my sister. Every one of the authors there were super nice, it was awesome.

Rise of The Dibor

What if Adam and Eve never sinned?
Would Satan be back?

A perfect world untouched by evil and ignorant of death is secretly invaded by an ancient enemy that threatens to destroy their way of life forever. At first any signs of Morgui's vile presence are subtle, but slowly even Creation itself heralds the impending doom that awaits as the summers grow cold and certain of Dionia's inhabitants go missing. As more and more people are strangely taken, the Kings of Dionia decide to take precautionary measures. Luik son of Lair is summoned to join an elite group of warriors known as the Dibor, sworn to protect their Kingdom against invading foes. But when a sinister plot to dethrone the Kings and flatten the capital city of Adriel is discovered, the Dibor are summoned along with the rest of the men of Dionia to defend her walls. It is here that Luik and his army face Morgui's Prince as well as the unending ranks of the demon warhost known as the DairneReih, engaging in an epic saga to keep their world from following the same fate of one that has gone before it; Earth. What some think will destroy them all, others believe will be the birth of a legend. Join a stunning cast of characters as they rally together in an inspiring story of courage, brotherhood, and sacrifice as Dionia becomes the epicenter for a war of historic proportions. With this first installment of The White Lion Chronicles, The Rise of The Dibor spans issues of friendship, love, loyalty and dives into some of the most essential questions of faith, including humanities struggle to resist temptation and mankind's ultimate need for a Deliverer. Will Adriel fall to the DairneReih? Will Luik ever see find his family again? Will Morgui succeed in deceiving yet another world? Read the story that turned children into warriors, and warriors into heroes.

The Lion Vrie

What if all you knew was lost?
What if destruction surrounded you?
How would you rebuild?
And where would you turn for help?

Luik, now son to a dead King, finds himself injured and headed for Tontha in the north of a besieged Dionia. Here he sorts through the trauma of the recent past and attempts to piece together the whereabouts of his fallen Dibor and his friends Fane, Hadrian, and Princess Anorra. As work begins on fortifying Mt. Dakka, now under his command, Luik journeys south to the wreckage of Adriel in the hopes of discovering anything that might help him find his missing friends. But he uncovers far more than he had ever anticipated, and upon returning north he uncovers more shocking clues about the secret order of the Knights of The Lion Vrie. While hope is kindled with the discovery of many of his surviving countrymen, a deep foreboding takes root as Morguis grip on Dionia tightens. Luiks path is plagued by mysterious encounters with the taken and haunted by the effects of evil upon Creation. But even more is the sudden reappearance of many rumored to be dead including the missing Hadrian. When strange summonses begin to call for his aid, Luik embarks on perilous missions to the far corners of his country, even risking everything in search of the fabled City of Ot. Will Luik reunite with his Dibor? Or will he find them having met the similar fate of Dionias Kings?

Coming Soon in 2009
Athera’s Dawn
Book Three of The White Lion Chronicles

Never have I really actually cried on a fictional book before. Rise of The Dibor and The Lion Vrie hit so deep I couldn’t hold back the tears. If you’re a Christian who loves fantasy with amazing characters, great epic battles of good verses evil, and a message of love of our almighty God, go get Christopher Hoppers Rise of The Dibor and The Lion Vrie, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Ryan: I'm so honored that you would take such effort to write about my books...really touched. It's a privilege to know they impacted you so deeply. As you said, it was great meeting you and your family back in October and I hope we meet again one day. Oh, and you're drawings are marvelous! Keep your eyes on Jesus!


    PS - If Wayne and I are two of your favorite authors, I bet you're really (really!) going to like our new series that comes out this November!

  2. The great Christopher Hopper came and visited my blog!
    I am honored that you were really touched about me writing about your books. Truly words cannot describe how much I love them and it was my pleasure to share about them. I hope we do meet again someday and I would love to meet your family. Oh my drawings are marvelous huh... I am grinning from ear to ear [ = Thank you! You don’t know how much that means to me to hear that.

    I am really excited about your new series with Wayne Thomas Batson. Two of my favorite authors writing a book series together it can’t get any cooler than that.

    Bye For Now,

  3. It sounds like you have good taste in Fantasy Books. THough I found CH's books a tad sappy for my liking the plot was excellent. Have you checked out their contest on TDW site? I think you would like it:). I just read "the rise of dibor", and ""Lion Vrie" yesterday and today. But I am DYING for the next one. There was no closure on Lion Vrie, so I'm running into the walls. I tried the DIOM series by bryan davis, once again not quite my cup of tea but, I have met many that like it. Perhaps you would? Sadly I have never met WTB or CH in person ;(


  4. We don't even know what happened to Luik.... He was probably shot by an arrow but how do we know- GUESSES what about the dream and the sword? I think i know... wont tell you ! ;)