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CSFF Blog Tour: Darkness Follows by Mike Dellosso

This months CSFF Blog Tour is on a book called Darkness Follows, a Christian supernatural horror by Mike Dellosso.

Sam Travis is a man on the brink of despair . . .

Out of a job and feeling worthless, Sam Travis is awakened one night to the sounds of a Civil War battle raging outside his Gettysburg home. But it’s the middle of the night, and the summer reenactments are long over. A search for the source brings him to an old journal by a Union soldier . . . written in his own handwriting.

When more of the mysterious writings appear and begin to mimic Sam’s own life, his search for the truth puts him on a downward spiral that eventually drives him from his wife, his daughter, and his home–and into an evil plot that could cost many lives, including his own.

~About the Author ( I got this from his website... this is his own words)

They say God works in strange and mysterious ways. Well, I’ve seen both firsthand so you won’t hear any disagreement coming from my corner of the world.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is: How did you get into writing? My birth as a writer was as sudden and soul-wrenching for me as was my birth as a Christian, my adoption into the family of God.

I was born a writer in September of 1998. My brother-in-law, Darrell, wrecked his motorcycle and landed himself in the Shock Trauma unit of the Albany Medical Center in New York. In a life-threatening coma, numb to the world around him, Darrell slept while my sister and the rest of our family prayed for God to spare him. It was during that time of wrestling with God, questioning His motives and sovereignty, accusing, begging, and waiting, that I first took up a pen and journaled my feelings, poured my wounded soul onto paper. Funny thing is, up until that point I had hated writing. Had no interest in it at all. But through my journaling I found a freedom I had not known before. You see, all my life I have struggled with stuttering. Sometimes my tongue gets so tied in knots and my throat so tight I can’t put together a complete sentence without faltering. But through writing I discovered I could say exactly what was in my heart, I could let the words flow on paper without a single hitch and with perfect fluency. For the first time in my life I felt free when it came to communication. And I loved it. The feeling was exhilerating. I felt like a mute man touched by the healing hand of Jesus, the words in my mind and heart finally set free to spread their wings and soar.

After Darrell recovered I didn’t stop writing. Writing had become a part of me, grafted into my being like a transplanted organ. I wanted it, desired it, needed it. I wrote about every inspirational thought that bloomed in my head, saw metaphors and word pictures in ordinary life, crafted stories from mundane activities. My imagination was working overtime, so alive and acute that stories sprang up like wildflowers.

I’ve been writing ever since, working to hone my craft and develop my ability. I had to learn to harness my enthusiasm and imagination, manage my time, and choose which projects to pursue over others. But I’m so thankful that God really does work in both strange and mysterious ways. Using the tragedy of a life-threatening accident He planted in me a desire to explore that Godlike attribute of creativity thorugh the written word.

To God be the glory . . .

I highly recommend that you read his Foreword in Darkness Follows... it is very touching.

~My review
I haven’t read all of Darkness Follows yet, been too busy and it’s definitely not a night read :-) But from what I have read I have enjoyed. It seems to have a great premise and the authors writing does pull you in... perhaps too much. My heart and fears came out in my too quiet house at night while reading this... no relaxing night reading with this book. Since I can't give you a complete review on it I highly recommended that you check out what the other tour members are saying about it."> Noah Arsenault"> Red Bissell"> Thomas Clayton Booher"> Beckie Burnham"> Melissa Carswell"> Karri Compton"> CSFF Blog Tour"> Chris Deane"> Cynthia Dyer"> Nikole Hahn"> Katie Hart"> Ryan Heart"> Bruce Hennigan"> Jason Joyner"> Julie"> Carol Keen"> Inae Kyo"> Shannon McDermott"> Allen McGraw"> Shannon McNear"> Rebecca LuElla Miller"> Joan Nienhuis"> Sarah Sawyer"> Kathleen Smith"> Jessica Thomas"> Steve Trower"> Fred Warren"> Phyllis Wheeler

If you would like to purchase this book please go to

Check out the authors website.
He has a contest going on right now for teens on this book.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. Thank you Realms!

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