Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour: Residential Aliens

 This months CSFF Blog Tour is on Residential Aliens, a Christian speculative fiction online magazine created by Lyn Perry. It seems to be mostly Science fiction with a different twist. This months Issue is free so if you are wanting some different speculative fiction or would like to see what  Residential Aliens do, go download this months issue.

Take a look at the Web site there are a lot of cool stories to read  -
Check out the editor’s blog -
Visit the editor's Lyn Perry’s personal blog -

See what the other tour members for this months tour are saying about Residential Aliens :-)"> Noah Arsenault"> Brandon Barr"> Thomas Clayton Booher"> Grace Bridges"> Beckie Burnham"> Jeff Chapman"> CSFF Blog Tour"> Carol Bruce Collett"> D. G. D. Davidson"> Dean Hardy"> Katie Hart"> Ryan Heart"> Bruce Hennigan"> Jason Joyner"> Carol Keen"> Shannon McDermott"> Rebecca LuElla Miller"> Lyn Perry"> Sarah Sawyer"> Jessica Thomas"> Steve Trower"> Fred Warren"> Phyllis Wheeler

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