Monday, April 22, 2013

April Antagonists: Characters in Costume Challenge...

I joined the fun April Characters in Costume Challenge, that the talented Gillian Adams has lovingly put together. Last month's was so much fun!

This month we're focusing on our villains.

Photo is not of me. :-)
The BIGGEST villain in my book series The Chronicles of the Key Holders is a character called Nyoka. He is in all three books and causes much trouble to my poor "good" guys. There is not one ounce of good in him. He is complete darkness and symbolizes all that is bad. His name has a fitting meaning behind it. No feeling pity for this villain!

A key characteristic of him is his hair color and voice. His hair is brilliantly blond and his voice always sounds lyrical, deceiving others of his dark soul.

Many have fallen to his lies, yet those who have stood up against him, know that the Light will conquer the darkness, even when all hope seems lost.

Be sure to check out the other participants in this fun challenge. Thank you Gillian for letting me join in on the fun and for putting it together. I hope to join in on your next character challenge in May. I'll be sure to give more teasers on TROH.


  1. A blond haired villain? Refreshingly unique! So often people stick with the dark brooding sterotype. Come to think of it, my "villain" does have dark hair... Oops.

    I like Nyoka's name too. How do you pronounce it?

    1. Thank you for the very kind comment Gillian. :-) I didn’t know I was being refreshingly unique… I like that! Nyoka (pronounced Na-ou-ka… I think) has always been blond. Nyoka is the Swahili word for snake and it fits him quite well. Actually my main good guy Leb, is dark haired. I’m just breaking all the rules on stereotyping. ;-)