Friday, December 6, 2013

December Sidekick: Characters in Costume Challenge...

I joined the fun December Characters in Costume Challenge, that the talented Gillian Adams has lovingly created. 

This month we're focusing on our wonderful sidekick characters. They really don't get enough credit!

Challenge Guidelines: It's quite simple, really.

Pick one of your obstacle characters. Or, if you're not a writer, or not currently writing a story, feel free to choose an obstacle character from one of your favorite books.

Find a costume that fits your character and take a picture of yourself in said costume (and in character - i.e. if your character is prone to scowling, don't smile in the picture.)
Post the picture on your blog or somewhere online where the other Challenge members can see it. 

Feel free to write a little bit about your character too, or if it's a character from someone else's book, tell us why you chose that character!
Pretty cool huh?
Todays character is Katriel from my series The Chronicles of the Key Holders.

(Yes, that's me in the picture... hehe. And no it's not my best Photoshop job, but it was fun.)

 Katriel, like her mother is a healer, which is rare in her broken land. She along with her family fight in Prince Kaiden's army in hopes of saving their world from darkness. Being a healer isn't easy, for you are always hunted by the enemy for your gift. Always by her side is her beloved red fox, together they search for injured knights.

I know this is really short and doesn't really show her sidekickness ;-)... I'm sorry for that, I didn't have a lot of time today, but I love doing these. They're so much fun!

Please be sure to check out the other participants in this fun challenge. Thank you Gillian for letting me join in again on the fun and for putting it together. I hope to join in on your next character challenge. I'll be sure to give more teasers on my series The Chronicles of the Key Holders.

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  1. Ooh, she sounds like a super cool character! You always take such awesome pictures. Photoshop and I are old enemies ... I have no skills in that department!

    1. Thanks Gillian! :-) You have a lot of wonderful skills in many things. Photoshop took me a long time to learn... and I'm still learning.