Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paradox by Brian McBride and GIVEAWAY....

Okay, this month I'm going to do reviews and giveaways EVERY Saturday and the last Friday of this month. I wanted to do this in January as some of you might recall, but my blog gave me constant issues (which are now fixed) and I got an extra day a week at work (which added up to be a lot, but I'm grateful for it). So, this month is going to be packed full of giveaways on some epic fiction books that you might never heard of.

Today's giveaway is on a book that I should have written a review on around Christmas, but never got around to it. I consider Brian to be a friend and he asked for reviews on his debut novel Paradox around Christmas, but I didn't have time to help out. Today I do and I think it's great timing. ;-) Take a look and enjoy...

About the book:

Four troubled teens, two worlds, one God, one goal: to defeat the Darkness before it’s too late.

When David, his twin sister Alicia and their two best friends, Jake and Hannah stumble through a portal and into another world, Paragon, they discover that they are not who they thought they were… they are descendants of an ancient race known as Starcrafters, and they've been endowed with God-given abilities – impossible abilities.

They train and learn to harness their abilities. Now, they are ready to take on the Dark Prince.

Their attack on the prince is interrupted when they are taken by a group known as the Renegades who are after universal domination by means of an artifact known as the Paradox Stone.

They must escape the Renegades, retrieve the stone, and defeat the Darkness; all while learning to trust one another and work as a team, and to put their faith in the one true God.

About the author:
Brian McBride, seventeen-year-old native to Oregon, though recently moved to California, is a passionate writer, and an avid reader. Paradox is his first book in a series of high fantasy novels, The Starcrafters' Saga. When he's not reading or writing, he spends his time hanging out with friends and family, and playing the piano, drums, and the bass guitar. He runs a Christian book blog, Shattering the Darkness, and loves finding new teenage authors like himself.
Brian's writing centers around fantastic thrills, intriguing adventure, and mysterious twists, and ultimately, the destiny that belongs to each and every person on planet Earth.

My Review:
If you haven't heard of the Starcrafter's series or Brian McBride, than you're missing out. Honestly take some time to look into his writing. You'll be sure to become a fan.
I've followed Brian's blog for years and when I saw that he was coming out with his long awaited book Paradox, I just had to get it.
Brian is young, yet his writing is well thought out and holds a nice style. I'm always impressed by teen writers. There were a few times I wish he would have added a little more information and not skip ahead,  but for the most part his story flowed well and was an enjoyable read. Brian is a great villain writer!
I think a lot of people could relate to his characters David, Hannah, Alicia, and Jake. I really liked the message he wove into it and can tell he was passionate to share. This was indeed a Christian fantasy and intended more for teens, yet I in my twenties enjoyed it.
I look forward to book two and more tales from Brain McBride in the future. Well done, my friend!

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