Monday, December 13, 2010

~*~Please Help Save this Book Series~*~

I am asking anyone to help join me and other fellow fans in helping to save The Berinfell Prophecies. A beautiful book series by the great Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. Book 1 Curse of the Spider King and Book 2 Venom and Song are available at most local Christian book stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. If you love to read, especially Christian fantasy please add it to you Christmas wish list :-) They also make a wonderful gift, even to non- Christians! I have so many stories on giving these books to others... it has been something that has really touched my heart!

Thomas Nelson the company that published these books is thinking about not publishing the third and final book to this beautiful trilogy. But us who are fellow fans, parents who love good moral books, and ones who have a huge heart for Christian fantasy can stop this... but only if we tell and share on how we feel about this to Thomas Nelson by writing the head person for this series a letter. Please don’t hold back on this, every voice counts, even if you have not read this book series you can still help! If you would like to help leave a comment or a like and I will send you the information on writing a letter to Thomas Nelson. Don’t let another good book series by great authors be lost forever!


  1. So there is a third book? The way the second book ends, I assumed it was over, although there were a couple of loose ends it seemed. My boys loved having me reading these books at night, and I would look forward to more from them!

    I'll have to take you up on this.

  2. Hey Jason,
    Thank you for asking about this! I sent you a facebook message on all the info about writing to Thomas Nelson.

    God's care,
    Ryan Paige Howard

  3. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog but I'm so sad to see this!! They HAVE to publish the 3rd book! They just have too! I love this series and I have students who are reading it as well who will be devastated if it's not finished!! Do I just need to contact Thomas Nelson??

  4. Hey Julie J.,
    I sent you an email with the info on how to write to Thomas Nelson. Please let me know if you get it :-)If not I'll send it to you again. Thank you for asking about this and leaving very kind comments on my blog!

    God's care,