Saturday, February 1, 2014

SmorgaSword and Giveaway...

Okay, this month I'm going to do reviews and giveaways EVERY Saturday and the last Friday of this month. I wanted to do this in January as some of you might recall, but my blog gave me constant issues (which are now fixed) and I got an extra day a week at work (which added up to be a lot, but I'm grateful for it). So, this month is going to be packed full of giveaways on some epic fiction books that you might never heard of.

First up is an epic (yes, I love that word) collection of stories by a talented writer that deserves more attention. I reviewed this book almost exactly a year ago and I noticed no else has since on Amazon.

Now Philip is a friend of mine, so I might be a little bias, but I honestly think others will  truly enjoy this book of tales if they were more aware of it.

About the book:
SmorgaSword is a story buffet, a selection of twelve unique short stories. Take a wild ride into the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, survive a post-Apocalyptic urban battle, follow the adventures of a superhero from another universe, catch the bad guys with the unlikeliest of detectives, explore strange and distant futures, and find fairytale happy endings along the way.

--The Menu--

-The Prison-

In a future utopia where science is everything, a young technician commits the unthinkable crime of irretrievably destroying data, and he is sentenced to an unusual punishment.

-The Tyrant-

A mind's eye view of the rapid rise and fall of a dictator.

-Morning Glory-

An orphan girl befriends a strange child who is more than he seems.


A girl in another universe jumps to ours, and finds she is invincible. But all she wants is to jump back to her own world.

-Bull Elephant-

After an apocalyptic disaster, the survivors of an urban gang threaten the lives of farmers eking out a living in the debris of civilization.

-Venus Flytrap-

A special young lady leads the FBI on a not-so-merry chase to find a mysterious informant who seems to know everything.

-The New Outside-

A boy and girl try to escape from an artificial world where plants and animals are unknown.

-The Monster of Jupiter-

Two scientists get a closer look than planned at the Great Red Spot.

-Area X-

A conspiracy theorist tracks down a secret government facility, only to find something he wasn't expecting.

-Daughter of Eagles-

A wise woman gives a young princess a magic gift.

-The Empty Room-

A housemaid in nineteenth-century England finds a haunted room, which can be wonder or terror to those who go there.

-The Awakening of Trevor Still-

The chef's favorite. A modern fairy tale, a romance with a twist.

My Review:
SmorgaSword... is that witty or what! Mr. Nelson has written a very lovely book of tales. There is something for everyone in this buffet of stories and all will bless you. Many of his stories within SmorgaSword hold a deep value within them and I had to smile over some of them. I loved Bull Elephant and Daughter of Eagles! Beautifully written.

I'm not much of an e-book fan yet. I just love the physical copies and all the details you get on them. Pretty pages and full cover art. This e-book is one of the nicest put together ones I have seen. It was broken up in four sections like a dinner. Pretty brilliant Mr. Nelson! It had a few "dinner" like illustrations above some of the chapter headers... I haven't seen that in too many e-books. I loved the way it was laid out and can tell it was greatly thought out.

I greatly recommend SmorgaSword for anyone that likes a good adventure with a heart! I look forward to more tales from Mr. Nelson in the near future.

Giveaway... PLEASE know that this is an eBook giveaway only. It's not available in paperback... yet. Enter in below.
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  1. Yo, count me in, this sounds great!

    1. You're in! :-) Thanks for entering.

  2. Favorite ebook ... I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of ebooks. I just love being able to hold an actual novel in my hand. But there have been a few that I've gotten on ebook and I simply haven't been able to put down. I read Lisa T. Bergren's Tributary and Bourne on ebook and simply loved both of them.

    1. I so agree! I prefer a "real" book. ;-) Oh, I've been wanting to read those books by Lisa T. Bergren. I enjoyed her picture books. Thanks for stopping by and entering Gillian. Always a pleasure seeing you.

  3. I am JUST getting a KINDLE, so I haven't read much as far as e-books, but... I have just ordered one, and I am so ready to begin. Living overseas has presented quite a challenge of getting material in english. hahahah... So... I will say that one ebook I am anxious to get my hands on is Amanda Bradburn's recounting of Robin Hood! I twitch every time I think about how much i want to read it. hahahahahah...

    1. Celita, thanks for stopping by and entering. :D I hope you enjoy your Kindle. Living overseas is quite an adventure! I'll have to keep my eye out for that book... sounds good! I love Robin Hood. God's care to you.

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    1. The pleasure is all mine. :-) Thank you!