Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nightwing Studios needs your help :-)

Check out my extremely talented friends from Nightwing Studios... they make the most epic book trailers. Right now they are asking for help to fund their newest and most largest project yet. Please spread the word and if you can, donate... even if it’s just a little :-) There is some pretty cool things you can get too for donating. To donate you follow the link below the video! Kickstarter is designed to give people a way to back their projects. You back it by clicking the big green button on the right-hand side and follow the instructions from there.

Nightwing Studios is at it again! Last year we brought you the award winning To Darkness Fled Trailer. This time, we want to make the From Darkness Won Fan Trailer even better.
How can we achieve such a feat? The answer can be summed up with one word.
You can help us make our vision of the From Darkness Won Fan Trailer a reality. No project can be cool without funding, so when you back the project, YOU are the Dude/Dudess spreading your cool to the whole world. When you see your name in the credits, you will be able to say, “I helped make this!”
You want to know more about the project and the people doing it, right? Although it is defined as a short film, the project is also called a book trailer. For those of you still wondering what a book trailer is, don't worry. Einstein never even knew. A book trailer is a short film based off a book. It’s like a movie trailer, except for a novel. One awesome thing about book trailers is that they are really new. A new genre of video! How cool is that?
The From Darkness Won Fan Book Trailer based off the third installment in the award winning Blood of Kings series by author Jill Williamson. It's the last book in the series, a soaring conclusion to a trilogy that goes beyond EPIC. If you haven't read them yet, pick the first book up on Amazon or We can't recommend this series enough.
The trailer will include:
  • Live action acting
  • Matte painted/CG backgrounds
  • Animated hyper-realistic CG creatures
  • Custom hand made costumes
  • Carefully constructed sets complete with props and studio lighting
  • Complete re-dubbing. We record voices and sound effects in our own recording studio to ensure the highest audio quality possible.
  • Breathtaking cinematic awesomeness. Our camera can kick your camera in the LCD. (a camera we did not have in filming the To Darkness Fled Trailer or the above promo video)
  • A custom composed EPIC film soundtrack!
As you can see, this is no cheap project. Hence why we need you. With all this incredible stuff (camera not included as part of the budget), you may ask why we have such a small budget? Because we're mostly teens, we've found ways to do awesome things resourcefully ... with the same big budget quality.
Talking about that, what exactly does your support go to? Nice question!
What we will use the funding for:
  • Costume material.
  • Actor Props.
  • Weapons. (Want to see any epic swordfights?)
  • Armor.
  • Makeup.
  • Set props.
  • Torch oil! (Fire looks freakin' cool on-screen!)
Any money that goes beyond the goal will be used for respectively:
  • Camera Track
  • Camera Jib Boom
  • Nicer lenses
  • More costume stuff allowing us to have more extras on-screen!
  • More cool armor and props!
If you are interested in helping, check out the cool rewards we have for supporters on the right!
Thank you, from Nightwing Studios!

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  1. Thank you so, so much for your support, Ryan! :D Looking forward to sending you that poster and putting your name in the credits, my generous friend! In Jacob Parker's words: You ROCK!