Saturday, August 6, 2011

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for a family friend...

I'm posting this URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for a family friend of ours whose daughter, Sara, was in a horrible car accident two nights ago. She's in intensive care, with severe head injuries and little to no brain activity. She is the daughter of Kathy Cunningham, my Aunt Kim's, high school, best friend. Kathy, has been a part of our family for many years and has always been there for my Aunt Kim. Sadly, tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of my beautiful cousins Brittany's death... my Aunt Kim's daughter. This is so very difficult on so many levels. Please pray for a miracle. She is Kathy and Curtis's only child, and still so very young with her whole life out in front of her. I believe in the power of prayer and that is why I've shared this with you all, so PLEASE take the time and send up a prayer for Sara and her family.
Thank you!
God's care,


  1. Thank you Nissa :-)It sounds like she is doing way better today... doctors are finding out some really good things with her brain... the swelling has gone down a lot and she is responding when they call her name. Please continue to pray for her... she has so much recovery to go through!