Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 246: To Stand...

My mom shared this with me yesterday and it blessed me, so I though it might bless someone else.

I believe if your heavenly Father wrote you a personal personal letter about standing, it would read like this

My Beloved daughter . . .
You need never be afraid to stand up and do what is right, My child. I will always go ahead of you and prepare the way. I rescued Daniel from the mouth of the lions and delivered David from the hands of his enemies. Can you

trust that I am strong enough to handle any situation? I truly want what is best for you. Take courage and walk in My strength, not your own. Face every situation head-on—armed with the sword of the Spirit, the belt of truth, the armor of righteousness, and the shield of faith. You never need to turn your back and run—I will empower you and protect you. Just stand firm and pray and you
Will find the strength and passion to Stand!

Sheri Rose Shepherd

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