Monday, December 3, 2012

Check Out This Awesome Giveaway For Dreamlander...

K.M. Weiland is having a great giveaway for her newest book Dreamlander. Be sure to check it out. Dreamlander looks and sounds like an awesome tale!
What if it were possible to live two very different lives in two separate worlds?

What if the dreams you awaken from are the fading memories of that second life?

What if one day you woke up in the wrong world?

Only one person in a generation may cross the barrier of dreams to reach the other world - a world of war-scarred countries and fallen faiths. When a Chicago-born journalist finds himself on the far side of his dreams, he must hurl himself into battle to save a princess from her own people, two worlds f
rom annihilation, and himself from a dream come way too true.                               
To Purchase the paperback version of Dreamlander click here
Kindle and Nook ebook versions are .99 cents this week only!
Buying any version will earn you points in the giveaway. Just be sure to email her your receipt.

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