Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Returning and a Revolution...

Here I am blogger friends! Yes, I am still alive. I’m trying to get back into the world of blogging. My blog has sort of been “not so personal” and I’m sorry about that. I cannot believe that 2012 is almost over.  Wow, has this year flown by. Thank you new and old friends for following me in this challenge of posting every day.
I know more people read my blog than I am aware of. I have had a lot of touching comments here, and messages from strangers through Facebook. Love how you never know whom you may touch. I never thought my little blog would actually make an impression on someone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. True love that is.
It doesn't take much to find out who your real friends are. I find it rather sad on how poorly we can treat each other sometimes… especially fellow Christians.  I have been treated way more poorly by Christians, than none Christians. That is pretty pathetic, isn’t it?  No wonder why none believes flee from us sometimes. We are carriers of the Light and yet we often don’t shine it. We let our own emotions cover His glory.
So I have this GREAT thing I really want to do in 2013 and I would love to do it with others. Let’s make 2013 a Love Revolution. I mean truly transform the word “love” to its true meaning. Would you like to join me in this? I’ll be sharing more plans on this soon.

Thank you for reading and enjoy this beautiful season.