Friday, July 6, 2012

Giveaway, Writing Challenge, and a Snippet of My Book TROH...

Today I'm doing something special. Something I'm going to try to do every Friday of this month. Remember I said I was going to do giveaways in the month of July? Well today will be my first giveaway. I'm also sharing a little "very" little snippet/teaser of my book, The Realm of Hearts... please know that it still needs editing and probably a little rewriting. Please DO NOT copy in any way.  I also have a writing challenge, which I would like to do every Friday too. What do you say?

Riley shook his head, “I fear you have killed us all.”
“What little faith you have, my friend.” Paige looked forward as Starfire flew into the courtyard. It’s body sparkled with a rainbow of fire. Black as night, yet bright as a star. With a swishing swoop it landed solidly upon the cobbled ground.
“A dragon. We are truly doomed.” Riley turned towards the others and ordered them to flee back into the forest. As he turned back to grab Paige, he stood stunned at the sight before him.
Paige was face to face with the beast and held a smile across her face.
Riley cringed over the thought of seeing her being eaten by this hideous beast. There was no way to save her. He had greatly failed his mission. Why was she so foolish?
Starfire took in a deep breath and blew out blue icy wind, that surrounded Paige's body. Paige’s long golden hair flew around her in a tangled mess...

I did say it was a very small snippet :-) I know not a very grand one either... forgive me if I have any *cough* grammar mistakes... I'm always learning the proper ways. I promise to share more snippets in the near future. Bigger and much better ones!

Okay for the giveaway! My giveaway is a small picture of a dragon (done by me) in whatever color you want and will be mailed to you within a week. How to enter... just leave a comment with your email address. You have today and tomorrow by midnight to enter. Only one entry per person... other family members can enter for you too... I highly doubt I will have that many entries though.Winner will be announced Sunday. I know not a huge prize, but something kinda fun :D

Here's a song that inspired me while I was writing my teaser up above and is today's writing challenge... Do not base your story/scene on the photo, just the song...

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So what kind of scene would you write from this song?
Feel free to write your version in the comments below. 
AND don't forget to leave a little comment with your email to enter the GIVEAWAY.

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  1. This is what came to mind:

    Captains Three

    Captains three, they sailed the blue,
    Seeking lands unknown.
    Fair winds followed forty days,
    Till sunshine turned to gloom.
    Sea to sky a wall of black,
    And the first captain put about,
    No storms for him, his ship returned,
    To familiar land and home.
    But he never knew, and always wondered,
    One ship back, but what of the captains two?
    The second plunged right in,
    No coward he!
    But when he saw the waves,
    He tried to flee, but lost his head,
    And with his head his life,
    And sank into the sea.
    One ship back, one ship gone, but what of the final captain?
    He set himself, and saw beyond,
    The storm, and wind, and waves.
    His ship endured, and he broke through,
    To lands beyond the sea.
    And in the end, the hurricane,
    Had proved to each his heart,
    One ship back, one ship gone, and one ship through the storm.

    (reepicheep [at] cox [dot] net)