Friday, July 20, 2012

Giveaway3, Writing Challenge, and a Snippet of My Book TROH...

Today I'm doing my special Friday. Something I'm going to try to do every Friday of this month. Remember I said I was going to do giveaways in the month of July? Well today is my third giveaway. I'm also sharing a little "very" little snippet/teaser of my book, The Realm of Hearts...  Please DO NOT copy in any way.  Below I also have a writing challenge, which I would like to do every Friday too. What do you say?

This Fridays giveaway is... a paperback copy of The Song of Unmaking by D. Barkley Briggs. It's book Three to the epic young adult series The Legends of Karac Tor.
Please leave your name and email address in the comment section below this post to enter. That's all you have to do... pretty easy :-) You have today and tomorrow by midnight to enter. Only one entry per person... other family members can enter for you too.

Also for those of you that have won past giveaways please feel free to enter again in the new giveaways. The rule is only one entry for each giveaway.

Here is a snippet of my book The Realm of Hearts.  

Over a large hill, above the castle grounds, he had found what he had so dread. Falling to his knees in front of a tall carved stone, he shook his head in disbelief.
“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, laying his hands on top of the tombstone. “I did not know. How, oh how could I’ve not of known?”
“The Queen was a good person.” a soft voice whispered behind him.
“Yes– she was.” he turned and looked up at the voice, surprised to have someone out here with him, but more surprised over seeing who it was.

(NO part of this may be copied, printed, or stored on an electronic devise for any reason without written permission from the author.)
I did say it was a very small snippet :-)  I might not be able to give too many more snippets in fear of giving too much away. Forgive me if I have any *cough* grammar mistakes... (I know those commas aren't right) I'm always learning the proper ways and I HATE commas!
I wrote this scene in the middle of the night with no music... just pure quietness. Most of my book has been written this way.

Writing Challenge! Below I have two photos to choose from to write a scene, poem, or song. Write whatever inspires you in photo One, Two, or Both.  Feel free to share something you have already written or something new entirely... It must relate to one of the photos below though :-) That's the only rule for this challenge.

 Photo Challenge One

 Photo Challenge Two

Are you going to take the writing challenge?
Feel free to write your version in the comments below. 
AND don't forget to leave a little comment with your email to enter this week's GIVEAWAY. 
Winner will be announced Sunday.


  1. I'm in for sure! :) But you already know my email...

    Let's see, I like the bottom photo's contrast. Here's a poem about it:


    You're not the same.
    Identical petal, stamen, stem
    Leaf rising verdant from below
    But what you show us is so very beautiful.
    One can be different and still be whole.


  2. And you know my email. :)

    Here's an excerpt from my short story, Daughter of Eagles. The first photo reminded me of it (though it's not exactly the same):

    All at once Marigold burst through into light, and the storm vanished. Bruised but still flying, she saw a green mountain, higher than any she had ever seen before. On its very top shone a blinding fire that might have been the sun itself, or perhaps the father of the sun. A great lake surrounded the foot of the mountain, and over its timbered shoulders flew birds with feathers like her own.

    The fire eagles! she thought.

    Everything she could see was unimaginably beautiful, as if the colors themselves were alive. The sky and lake glowed blue—real, living blue—and the fields and forests a living green.

  3. I already have this book, so I'll let someone else win. ;)

    Here's my writing entry! I'm going with a hymn/poem for the second photo.

    No better friend than Thee, my Comforter.
    Thy words like balm e’er ease my fear,
    When flames from Hell will dare to spite and stir,
    And threaten peace on God’s grand pier.

    No better friend than Thee, with mercy deep,
    When I, contrite with guilt, do plead
    That, broken as I am, will no more weep,
    At your return, when You succeed.

    No better friend than thee, who came to die
    For all the world, but yet for me.
    No worldly things will ever satisfy,
    When Thou are near, my guarantee.