Friday, July 13, 2012

Giveaway2, Writing Challenge, and a Snippet of My Book TROH...

Today I'm doing something special. Something I'm going to try to do every Friday of this month. Remember I said I was going to do giveaways in the month of July? Well today is my second giveaway. I'm also sharing a little "very" little snippet/teaser of my book, The Realm of Hearts...  Please DO NOT copy in any way.  Below I also have a writing challenge, which I would like to do every Friday too. What do you say?

This Fridays giveaway is... a hardback copy of The Curse of The Spider King by Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson. It's book One to the epic young adult series The Berinfell Prophecies.
Please leave your name and email address in the comment section below this post to enter. That's all you have to do... pretty easy :-) You have today and tomorrow by midnight to enter. Only one entry per person... other family members can enter for you too. I highly doubt I will have that many entries though.
FYI this book is truly wonderful and a great one to share with your friends. Book Two is already out and book Three is coming out at the end of this summer.

Here is a snippet of my book The Realm of Hearts. This is one with my main villain...

Morning’s glory had begun to shine in the thick forest. It poured through the branches of the tall pine trees, cascading its soft glow upon the ground. The birds started to rise from their sleep, singing a gentle song, waking all that still slept.
Deer skipped out of the bushes, making their ways down towards the stream that freely flowed. Peacefully they drank. A loud crunch came from behind them, they tilted their long elegant ears towards it. Another crunch came, making them lift and turn their heads to see a tall man dressed  in a deep purple cloak coming towards them. The deer scattered as he came closer, disappearing into the forest.
His hair was the color of the sun and his eyes were a deep blue, his face was somewhat kind and pleasant, yet something deep down was very different. The wild flowers that laid everywhere wilted; as he passed by them, every tree he touched would slowly turn black, losing their vibrant shades of green as if they were burning from the inside out, and the butterflies that flew so freely in this beautiful forest fled from him. Who was this man? He danced around as if he loved what was happening, smiling the whole time.

(NO part of this may be copied, printed, or stored on an electronic devise for any reason without written permission from the author.)

I did say it was a very small snippet :-) Forgive me if I have any *cough* grammar mistakes... I'm always learning the proper ways. I promise to share more snippets in the near future. Bigger and much better ones!
I wrote this scene in the middle of the night with no music... just pure quietness. Below I have a song that might inspire you with today's writing challenge A short scene with your villain. Feel free to share something you have already written or something new entirely.

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Are you going to take the writing challenge?
Feel free to write your version in the comments below. 
AND don't forget to leave a little comment with your email to enter this week's GIVEAWAY. 
Winner will be announced Sunday.


  1. my name is Brian McBride and my email is
    Great post, by the way!

  2. Very cool scene. :)

    I'm not entering the contest, but I'll take the challenge anyhow. :) I realize I have few or no villain scenes already made; I've given their viewpoints short shrift, I'm afraid.

    But here's something quick:

    "Never, never, never..."

    The thought echoed in his mind as he descended the shadowy stairs. He sneered. The twisted form in front of him wasn't human. Not really.

    Green streaks faintly glowed on what seemed a black torso, but he couldn't see much; the mold men hated light.

    "Never, never, never use the words on people..."

    He didn't care. Would the words work? Something in him revolted at the thought, and something else greedily suppressed it. Ancient traditions were hard to break.

    But he would break them.

    1. Thanks for joining the “Writing Challenge” Philip :-) Love your villain scene! Is it a story you are working on or something you just wrote for the challenge? You have me aching for more. Please feel free to enter my other giveaways... just because you won the first one doesn’t disqualify you for the others. :-)

  3. Hey Ryan,
    I hope to write sometime soon and I look forward to reading more of your story :D
    Garrett Porter,

    1. Thanks Garrett :-) I’ll be sure to share more of my book with you soon. You were entered for the giveaway. Be sure to join in my next writing challenge and giveaway ;-)

  4. All right, here is my writing entry!

    “Step this way!”

    “All ages welcome!”

    “You can’t lose!”

    Empty promises and nearly-empty pocketbooks swarmed the Puyallup Fair. Friends and family flocked, but each new face was forgotten the moment it turned away. The clearest patches were the display tables, show-casing the various prize-winning art, food, and crafts. Fair-goers were too absorbed in getting their yearly thrills to concern themselves with others’ good fortune.

    A figure, nearly a specter, cut a straight path through a concert audience, avoiding most of the shoves and screaming. He was just another face, and this was his advantage. A large crowd was the perfect spot to heat tempers and cause discord anonymously. Every few seconds, he would snap a button off a coat, tear the stitching of various hoodies, spill his lemonade on shoes, or enhance entropy in another fashion. The pushing mass made it impossible for anyone to notice his misdeeds.

    The fact that little and unrelated problems made their recipients frustrated with their innocent companions, intrigued him. If he caused enough tiny accidents during the day, he would be lucky enough to observe at least one of the anger bursts that would inevitably follow.

    “How quaint these people are,” he thought.

    1. Thank you Noah for your support and joining in the writing challenge :-) Very nice villain scene, my friend! I knew you wrote well :-) I could picture and feel this scene unfolding! Thank you again and I hope you can join in on another challenge and giveaway soon.