Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 230: Your attitude is powerful...

People are not our problem. Our problem is the way we respond to our problems.
~ Joyce Meyer ♥

Our attitudes do matter! We are way too quick on seeing only the bad and staying with it. Hard things happen all the time... to everyone! Some t
hings I truly can't understand, but I won't allow it to control me. I won't allow it to win. There is just too much beauty that surrounds me everyday to be so sad, or angry, or bitter. You control your life and the way you want it. Joyce Meyer is a beautiful example of this... Her childhood and young adult life was so tragic, yet she DID NOT allow it to overtake her. She was greatly betrayed by those who should of loved and protected her. Instead of being bitter and angry towards them, she gave them the love that they should of given her. So instead of blaming others around you for your problems... look inside yourself and take the leap of joy with a good attitude. YOU and you alone have the power and control to do that! Your attitude is powerful.

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