Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114: The Sky Is Falling... Yet We Are Prized...

A little piece of the sky fell near me yesterday morning. My fam and I woke up to a BIG BOOM... that rattled the house. First thought was a tree fell (living in a forest you always assume big shaking booms to be trees), second thought was a bomb or sonic boom (The sound was different than a tree hitting the ground.)

Well we found out it was a ... METEOROID!!! They believe it was about the size of a minivan when it entered our atmosphere... that's pretty big. The rattling BOOM we heard and felt was indeed a sonic boom, when it entered our atmosphere, not from hitting the ground, because it burned up... so they say.

Pretty cool huh, but where am I going with all of this? We are so small compared to everything the creator has created. Outer Space is HUGE. We are not even a speck compared to it. Yet the One who created it all, considers us his most prized creation. Think hard about that...

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