Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Am Opened To Commissions...

Hey everyone I’m starting up a dream I had a few years ago, but never accomplished it very well. Some of you might not know that I’m an artist. What kind of artist? There is so many different types of art. Drawing and painting is one of my greatest passions and I feel like God blessed me with some talent to share with others.

So this is it... I am truly open for commissions. Mind you I am not the best artist in the world, nor have I done anything big with my art. But my prices are sort of inexpensive and I will truly give you my very best.

Currently I can only do Traditional Art. I’m still learning how to do Digital Art and I don’t feel very comfortable being commissioned for that yet.

So check out my Art Page located above. Please click on all the photos to see clearer. My scanner stinks and they came out a little darker than I would like. I'll be getting a Deviant Art Profile very soon.

Here are my prices:

$25.00 For a Pencil Drawing (This counts for shading in the background (if you like) only and up to two characters, animals, etc. Backgrounds such as trees will cost an additional $15.00)

$30.00 For a Color Pencil or Gel Pen Drawing

$40.00 For a Watercolor Drawing (This counts for image in background like trees etc or just solid)

I will be willing to work with you on prices if you would like more than one drawing.

Size of art will be done on a 9"x 12" sheet of paper. (I can do larger, but it will cost more). It will then will be mailed to you, after approval by you and payment received. Depending on the detail of the work, time will vary on how fast it will get done.

What I can do...

I love horses of any kind. Lions/cats. Just about any animal I do alright, but horses and cats are my specialty.

I can try to draw your beloved furry friend. Here is a drawing I did on my moms horse a few years ago... I really need to find the real photograph of her horse. I must admit birds I’m not too great at, but I can give it a try.

Certain fantasy and Sci-Fi creatures:
Like dragons, Pegasus, and unicorns. I must approve of it first and you must give me really good details on what it is, especially if it is something you made up.


Characters from your book. 
I can try to make your character come alive. MUST not have anything of my can’t do rules below.

What I absolutely, No if ands or buts WILL NOT do...

Sexual, nudity, and suggestive poses:
Certain sweet romance pictures I can do, but in a very modest way and I can only do it with a guy and a girl.
Here is an example... click to view larger and see clearer. This is a really old piece, please take that to heart. :-)

Not real great at that :-)

Any religious themes except Christian:

Sorry I am follow of Jesus and nothing else. Nor will I create something that dishonors my King.

Goth and Urban Fantasy:

I will not do vampires, witches, and any other dark depressing thing. Certain fantasy and Sci-Fi creatures I can do, like dragons, Pegasus, and unicorns. I must approve of it first and you must give me really good details on what it is, especially if it is something you made up.

You will receive the original drawing by mail after approval by you and payment received. The drawing will be at least a 9×12 sheet of paper. (I can do larger or smaller, but it will cost different). You will be allowed to post the image for your own personal and non-profit use online, including the right to crop or alter it for signatures, headers, backgrounds, etc.

All work must be prepaid
You can contact me through e-mail –

If I accept your commission, I will give you my address/additional information and we can take it from there. Shipping charges are NOT included in the original price.

Please Note: 
I retain the rights to all drawings unless prior arrangement is made for otherwise. Exclusive or joint copyrights can be purchased for an additional fee. Once payment is received it is final; no refunds unless I become physically unable to complete your request. I have the right to refuse any commission based on religious morals, subject, lack of time, or any other reason. Please respect my artwork policies.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. If you would like something custom drawn feel free to email me or leave a comment. Looking forward to hearing from you.

God’s care,

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