Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198: Ask For What You Desire...

Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you. 
~ Matthew 7:7

Recently I started a new job. I've been sort of looking for one for the last year and I kinda gave up. I live in small town and jobs aren't so freely available. Also I was dreading a new job, due to the way my last one ended. Just a BIG disappointment. In a sad way I didn't want to work with others and go through so much crazy drama that seems to follow us everywhere. I missed the good feeling of doing something. Work in the long run is rewarding and getting paid is an extra plus. My bank account is pretty poor. Thank God I still live at home and have wonderful parents.

My break from my full time job of three and an half years was truly something good for me. I learned new things. My book grew in size. Enjoyed (very much) time with my mom (still do). Yet I started to miss out on meeting others and the world.

I was growing a little (very tiny) bored at home (I truly LOVE my home) and I was so tired of hearing over and over if I had a job from old friends and people I knew. We are so noisy and hard on each other. I do have a life!

My dear mom said I should be praying for God to lead me to something. I prayed a little for it, but not with all my heart... remember the dread I felt. Recently I finally begin to ask God to bring something that would be good for me. Something that wouldn't hurt my heart like my last job did. Something that wouldn't take up my life and take away certain things I found I really liked with my free time. I asked this with all my heart.

Shortly a few days after praying these prayers my sister's good friend out of the blue mentioned a job for me... I wasn't expecting an answer that fast.

Last week I had my first four days with it and I LOVED it. In a way this job is sort of a dream job. Not at all what I'm doing, but how easy and truly fun it is. Plus the pay is pretty dang nice. I'm meeting really nice people. I don't work with other employees very much... so NO drama! The employees I have met and my boss are really, really nice. Especially my boss. I still have plenty of free time and time with my mom and crazy puppy Wyatt ... I need to write a new post about him.

I guess my point for the day is.  Sometimes you have to ask in order for what you want (as long as it's good) to come your way. We forget that even though God knows what's in our heart, our desires, and wants, that He likes to be talked to.


  1. Very cool! :) Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Philip :-) It's for sure a nice blessing. I am grateful.