Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow 200!...

I've made it to 200 days! Can you believe it? I honesty didn't think I would stay to this resolution of posting everyday for a year, but so far, for 200 days, I have. Only 165 more to go. I'm well over half way through my resolution.

Truly thank you to all that have lovingly followed me on this adventure... even to those that don't leave a comment. I know you are there and I hope my words and post have blessed you. :-)

I'm on this adventure, the greatest one of all, of learning more about the Gracious One and less about me. I hope you are enjoying the ride too ;-)

My mom found this beautiful prayer for blogger's. It's what I truly want to live by here on my blog... what I'm seeking. Of course I want to tell you about me, but most importantly I want that "me" to be about "Him". To God be all the glory.

 (I do not have permission to copy and paste this here on my blog, so you'll have to follow the link. The website is pretty awesome, so I promise it's worth it!)

I have one question for you today... 
What "Christian" topic would you like me to post about? 
Anything on your mind? :-)
Please feel free to share.

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