Friday, July 27, 2012

Update, Giveaway4, and Writing Challenge...

WARNING: My computer might be kicking the bucket! Not joking :( I might be going underground, unintentionally for a little while. I thought Blogger had messed up on me this morning when I tried posting this post... I think it's my computer instead. So, if I disappear you'll now know why... as long as this post makes it up. 
ALSO I'm still doing my Friday giveaway today... I just might not get back to you right away on it. Please be patient with me if you decide to join in. I have sort of an idea of what it is and perhaps will fix it. But I might epically fail and really kill it :-/
Today I'm doing my special Friday. Something I did every Friday of this month. Today is my last giveaway for this month. Will I continue to do this next month?... we’ll just have to wait and see. I'm also sharing a little "very" little snippet/teaser of my book, The Realm of Hearts...  Please DO NOT copy in any way.  Below I also have a writing challenge, which I will do every Friday. What do you say?

This Fridays giveaway is... a free 9x12 colored character drawing of your choice (as long as it fits into my art guidelines) It will be done within three weeks. I'm almost done with my first giveaway that was a drawing (Thank you Philip Nelson, for being so patient) Starting a new job, I don't have nearly as much free time, plus I want to give you something nicely done :-)

Please leave your name and email address (unless you have given it to me before) in the comment section below this post to enter. That's all you have to do... pretty easy :-) You have today and tomorrow by midnight to enter. Only one entry per person... other family members can enter for you too.
If you don’t want to give away your email address to the world, please feel free to write me at ryanheart89(at)comcast(dot)net (You still have to give it to me, in order to win the prize. I promise I will not sell, trade, or give it away to anyone else. Hehe) Just leave a comment below this post letting me know that you did that.

Also for those of you that have won past giveaways please feel free to enter again in the new giveaways. The rule is only one entry for each giveaway.
 Here is a snippet of my book The Realm of Hearts.  
Sadly I can't open my book's file at this moment... If I do fix my computer, I'll come back and edit a snippet in... Don't worry I have my book saved in many different ways :-)
Writing Challenge! Below I have two photos to choose from to write a scene, poem, or song. Write whatever inspires you in photo One, Two, or Both.  Feel free to share something you have already written or something new entirely... It must relate to one of the photos below though :-) That's the only rule for this challenge. I'm amazed I was able to paste photos :D

 Photo Challenge One

 Photo Challenge Two

 Are you going to take the writing challenge?
Feel free to write your version in the comments below.
AND don't forget to leave a little comment with your email to enter this week's GIVEAWAY.
Winner will be announced Sunday... hopefully.


  1. Brian McBride at
    I already gave you my email address, but I decided to post it again just in case. ^_^ Thank you for doing four giveaways in a month!

  2. Noah A. at

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. I'll enter! And the first picture reminds me of a selection from a book I'm working on, the Beastlord of Underrim:

    "I had a dream of flying wolves," said Little Moonbeam.
    "Did you?" said Swiftpaw.
    "Yes, Father. They had blue eyes, and white fur, and enormous butterfly wings, all pretty colors."
    "Those don't sound scary," said Bounder. "Just silly."
    "Dear," said Lady Moonlight.
    "I like them," said Aster.
    "What do human ghosts look like?" said Brindle.
    "I... Why, I don't know," said Aster.