Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190: Giveaway Winner And Dragon Skin...

I would like to congratulate Philip for wining my first giveaway!

Fridays and Saturdays seems to be a dead day for my blog, so I’m trying to get more people to visit those days. My giveaways will be different every Friday. So don’t forget to visit me on those days and enter. ;-) I also plan on doing a writing Challenge and snippets of my book The Realm of Hearts.

Here is a beautiful post that a friend of mine did. Fits well with my giveaway prize ;-) For all you Narnia fans you'll love this post... worth the time to read! So thought provoking Nichole.

--->Reflections on The Chronicles of Narnia: Dragon Skin<---


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Ryan. :) I have some more that I'm planning to write in the near future, if I ever get the time. ^_^

    1. I loved it! I meant to tell you that I was sharing it on my blog... I'm glad you noticed :D I really hope you do write more post like this in the near future.