Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43:To Break a Curse You Need True Love: Part One...

In most fairy tales it takes love to break a curse. When Snow White ate the poisonous apple and was declared dead, her true love kissed her and broke the curse. Sleeping Beauty, was cursed in a deep sleep forever unless her true love was found and kissed her. A great, yet ugly hearted prince was cursed to look just like his heart, and told that only true love could return his beauty or he would forever be cursed to look like a beast. These are just a few examples of True Love breaking curses in fairy tales.

What does this have to do in the real world? Will you see, we too had a great and horrible curse over us. A curse that could only be broken by... True Love. Our curse was much more grave than these fairy tales. We were doomed to an eternal death and there was nothing we could do about it.

But a King in a far away land knew of this curse and he was greatly hurt by it, for he loved us beyond words. He told his only son to go and break the curse, but this curse was not going to be easily broken... a simply kiss would not do it. It would take something much greater than that. The Kings Son who was innocent of this curse, took it all upon him and sacrificed his life for us. He took our curse of eternal death and restored unto us eternal life.

This great Kings Son's name is Jesus Christ and he is no fairy tale, but indeed our savior! Tune in for my next post to find out more about our Savior.


  1. I think you need to make a resolution to do a recap on this post every year...good truth! :)

  2. Blessed to hear that it touched you B.L.S.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again :-)