Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44: To Break a Curse You Need True Love: Part Two...

Yesterdays post Part One,  I talked about how true love breaks most curses in fairy tales and how a great prince came to break our curse... the greatest curse of all. No we don't live in a fairy tale, but yes we all had been under a grave curse.

This great prince goes by many names, but his most well known name would be Jesus. If you are reading this and don't believe in Jesus the great prince that came and saved us, I can imagine what you must be thinking. Here's another crazy person for Jesus. You are absolutely right on that. I am pretty crazy for Jesus and I think you would be too... if you truly got to know him.

Here are the two reasons that I see for many of us not wanting Jesus... feel free to call me what you want, but I hope it touches you and perhaps changes your heart and mind on Him.

Reason One: Some of us feel so undeserving of His love, afraid of rejection and failure. We bury ourselves in our pain of unwant and ignore the words of hope that echo in our heart. We eat our pain and flee from His love and everything good.

Reason Two: Some of us are cowards. We are so afraid of losing what we consider our own power and self worth . We are terrified that we will lose everything, for nothing. Because like reason number one we feel undeserving of His love, or we even kid ourselves that we don't need it.

The simple truth in all of this is that we all are undeserving of His love. So undeserving that there is nothing we can do to repay it or take the fall for this curse to save ourselves. The debt over us from this curse is so heavy that is took pure love to break it.

Jesus freely died for us. He freely took the fall and paid for our debt. He did not tell us to pay Him in return for it. He did not do it for just a few special people. He did it for every single soul that has walked and will walk in this world. He did it for you and I and He did it for free. You will lose nothing but the debt that is over you and you will gain more than you could ever dream.

Let go of your pain and reach out to the one that loves you so much. He has made you worthy.


  1. love this....I read lots of fantasy and always find hidden gems of God's goodness. Will pray for your venture because He 'loves us so much'

    1. Thank you dorrigolifesprings. :-) This was one of my favorites I wrote that year. Blessing to you.