Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Favorite Blogs/Websites Of February...

Today I would like to share a few of my favorite blog/websites. I will be doing this every month on the second to last day. Here were my favorite sites for January . I won't be sharing as many today, as I did last month, just because I really want you to visit the sites I share and I'll be doing this at the end of every month now... so I have a lot of chances to share my favorites.

This is a newer blog I came across. Lisa writes very beautiful and thoughtful post! Take a look at her blog and read a few of her writings... even some older ones.

Help Vinnie Home...Our Adoption Journey
I did a  post on this blog a few days ago. This blog is from a beautiful family that is sharing their journey of adopting a baby boy in Russia with Ds. Currently they are doing a giveaway to help raise funds for the very very expensive adoption fees. Please visit their blog and share their story and if you feel lead to help please do.

What are some of your favorites blogs/ websites? Please share, even if it's your blog/website... I always enjoy finding new sites.

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