Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 143: End Of The Day Blessing...

I love these, "End of the day Blessings" my mom shares. They truly lift and touch your soul. I hope you too are blessed by it, and have a grand day...

 End of the day Blessing ~ May you stand strong in the face of your fears and stronger still when it comes to your faith. May you bow low when you'd rather exalt yourself and bow lower still in the presence of God. May you accept grace for your own missteps and offer more grace still when someone steps on you. God is your Defender, Protector, Healer and Provider... Sleep well~


  1. Lovely picture!

    Found your link on the CSFF blog tour list and I'm going down the list trying to comment on all the blog's before the tour is over.

    I've added your blog to a CSFF blogroll over at my blog. So I'm always able to see what you post when I look at my blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nissa (my review is now up). :-)
      I really appreciate that you added my blog to your blogroll. Thank you!

      I post a post everyday... it was a new year’s resolution of mine and so far I have stayed true to it.