Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 127: No Good Christian Fantasy Books?...

I've been hearing too many complaints on not being able to find good
Christian Fantasy lately... I'm wondering, where are you looking? I know a ton of epic Christian Fantasy book/series. I'm also wondering why in the world are we talking about wanting CF to turn more secular. Honestly, I don't think that is possible! This conversation that I keep seeing fb and other blogs is sort of bugging me, so yes I'm ranting a little.

Here is just one of the great CF series I have come across and I'm going to be lazy today and tell you to go check it out yourself ...--->Key of Living Fire<---   See the pretty book cover over there --->
That right there makes me want to read it, but the story itself is really, really good. I recommend reading book one and especially book two, first.

Boys and girls will enjoy it, but I recommend being 14+ to read it... lots of battles, sweet romance, and some things that might bore a younger audience. ( Just my opinion) There is a Christian theme nicely woven in and Mr. Appleton has written some of the best female characters I have come across. I mean this in a really good way.

This is just one of many awesome epic Christian Fantasy series out there. Quit your complaining and go check it out! I don't want to hear how Christian Fantasy sucks anymore and I especially don't want to hear how it needs to turn more secular! That's just wrong...

Oh and Scott Appleton's blog was my favorite blog/ website of April...

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