Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134: Thank You to All You Moms...

Mom's are truly a thing of wonder and awe. No scientist or human being can explain the love of a mother for her child. In a way it's like magic.

I would like to thank my mom. I am very blessed! My mom has done so much for me. She has beautifully taught me a lot. From taking up the challenge of homeschooling and teaching me much wisdom in God. I can count on her for anything and talk her ears off about anything (... really I mean that. I'm sure I drive her a little loco with my writings and other geekesh things, yet she never complains.) She has always made our home comfortable and beautiful. She is a killer cook and baker. She just ROCKETHS! I love you mom and greatly thank God for you.

Please remember to thank your mom today... actually thank her often. Sadly I know some of us don't have a real mom... that's okay. Thank the one woman strongest in your life, whether it be your grandma that is raising you, your aunt, your foster mom, step mom etc. Moms come in many different ways and it doesn't make them less special.

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