Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 123: How do we forget so easily?...

This is such a good post, that I feel I should share it with you all. I know I have shared his post a few times (he's quite good at writing really great post), but this one really touched me, due to some sad things that has happened in my area lately.

I especially love some of the comments left on this post... miracles truly come out of everything, even in the worst situations. Sometimes we need to sit back and look at the entire picture. And we truly need to write down the miracles we see to be reminded of them... how forgetful us humans are.

God is not hidden in our world. He does not hide his face. His image is everywhere...

Everyone of us have had a healing miracle in our lives. Think about it... I can name off quite a few actually, some I have sadly forgotten about until this lovely reminder today.

I ask you what was or is your healing miracle(s)? Tomorrow I'll share mine...  For now please check out this beautiful post and feel free to share your reply to my question below.

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