Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 145: True Lies...

Look well to yourself [to your own personality] and to [your] teaching; persevere in these things [hold to them], for by so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you.~1 Timothy 4:16


Something has been bothering me really bad lately and I can’t get my mind away from it. A few days ago I was called a bigot, one minded, and other shocking names, for standing against something that is constantly being thrown in my face. I was kind about it, but the reaction from others blew my mind. I won’t name what it was, because honestly my mind is solid on it, and I rather not cause a war here on my blog.

The thing that has hurt me the most of all, is that I see it flooding into my “Christian” brothers and sisters. Evil is now looking good and Good is now looking bad. We are creating our own religion, and ignoring the truth, that The Almighty has freely set before us.

My heart cries over no longer feeling like we all share the same truth. We are conforming to what the world says is right. Falling one by one into the lies, and separating into different forms. You’re wrong, I’m right. I’m wrong, you’re right. Who’s right? Oh ya, God!

Stand strong and take a good hard look at what you are following! Do not be afraid to stand up for truth, no matter if you seem to be the only one. Study God’s word for yourself, don’t follow someone who seems to know it all. Guess what pastors and leaders are not always right, some are dead wrong! God has given each and everyone of you a brain and if you are reading this post, you have the gift of reading.  If you are in a country like America, you are free to read the Bible and can find it in many places.

READ. READ. READ. God has given you all the answers you need in his word.  They are clear as day, that a child could easily understand. Read and see...

STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. To learn about anything you need to study. Don’t just read a little and stop. The Bible is full of so many epic stories and every page is different. You’ll gain wisdom and so much more...

PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. God aches for you to talk to him. Yes, he answers, just not always the way you would expect. Like any friendship, you need to also try. God never pulls back, nor stops trying...

Please take what I say to heart. I’m not here to offend anyone, nor call out anyone. I am here to stand for the truth that is God's Holy Word and I hope you will join me.


  1. "They are clear as day, that a child could easily understand."

    I'm not sure I understand you, so I don't know if I disagree with you, but I do know that God's word is impossible to understand by the natural mind, whether child or adult.

    A large part of the problem you described in the Western Church is that folks expect to be able to understand the Bible with their natural mind.

    And who can blame them? We have a Church culture that spews forth translation after translation of the Bible, each claiming to be more understandable than the last (for some target audience or other). It's normal to think of getting a translation that "I can understand", and I get the impression many Church leaders bear a grave responsibility for that.

    But Jesus spoke parables to deliberately hide the truth from people who expected to be able to understand him on their own. He only revealed the truth to those who would let him.

    And those who let him were those who humbled themselves as little children, which is why I'm not sure I'm disagreeing with you. :)

    Anyhow, I hope I'm not adding insult to injury. I know what it's like.

    1. I get what you mean Philip and yes, we are seeing through a dim and cloudy glass, as Paul put it in 1 Corinthians 13:12.

      Yet, God’s word clearly tells us how to live and what rules we should abide by and if we ask Him, He will show us. (Matthew 7:7 Jeremiah 29:13)

      The situation I was fighting against is something that goes against morals and is clearly shown in God’s word, even for a child to understand. It is something that truly breaks my heart, because I don’t want to sound ugly about it, yet I know the truth. We are becoming tolerable over it and ignoring it, when we should be teaching about it. We are causing so much harm, instead of giving love. When we do, we are called hateful, because we aren’t all standing on the same ground.

      As always thank you for your words of wisdom. Please don’t feel like you insulted me. :-) I always appreciate your words.

  2. Thanks. :) Your Scripture quotes reminded me of Jeremiah 33:3.