Monday, May 7, 2012

Come Get Some Willow House...

"We believe strongly in a philosophy of simply good design for our extensive product line. A well-designed product is something that will last, passing from one generation to the next. And it should make you happy each time you use it — in fact, each time you look at it. Good design should be accessible and affordable, because the days of fussy and overpriced products are gone forever."
~Willow House

Hey EVERYONE :D My lovely mom Autumn Howard has started a new business called, Willow House. Willow House sells beautiful stuff for your home, yard, and hosting parties with friends and family. Everyone loves a pretty home inside and out. And who doesn't like to entertain every now and then? Willow House items makes lovely gifts too. A lot of their items are hand done, from their hand blown glass, to their hand casted iron work. Everything is exclusive just through them (meaning nowhere else will you see these items) One awesome thing that they are in the process of doing, is going all American, helping America get jobs back with there products. Within a couple of months nothing will be foreign made, even though I love the items from Portugal, but I'm pretty happy to see this!

Don't live near me you say... No worries, all items will be directly shipped to you when you make an order online.

So if you would like to or if you are looking for a gift for someone, please be sure to check out my mom's website
There is a really awesome deal called the Design Your Own special! Order $39.96 worth of items & get a regularly priced item up to $39.96 at half off!! And if you are interested in hosting a party, because the host deals are just way too awesome, you can do an online party through facebook and/or emails. Just contact my mom through the little envelope on her website page on the middle right hand side.

Follow this link to the WEEKLY DEALS... Stuff that is discounted just for this week. New Items go up every Monday
ALSO if you click on OUTLET located on the top right corner it will open and show a ton more DEALS... remember to click the green arrow to see the next page or click the show 8 and make it show all (There is over a hundred items at a GREAT discounts... something for everyone.)

And remember the Design Your Own special!

Please feel free to pass the word.
My mom and our entire family thank you! 

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