Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prayer Request...

My sister Hayley, hasn't been feeling too well :( If you can spare any prayers, please left her up. Her body doesn’t adapt well to pain. She’s been fighting some nasty Asthma and had some booster shots on Thursday, that has made her sick and her left arm very sore.

 Last night my fam and I stayed up with her throughout the night. She was really sick! Today, I watched movies and took care of her, while my mom and dad went to town for a few things. Hayley ran a fever off and on, and is still fighting nausea . Food scares her to eat and drinking most things is making her tummy hurt more. This is not fun, one bit!

We believe Hayley has had an allergic reaction to her shots. There is a nasty flu going around in my area, but the timing we believe has to be her shots, and none of us are sick... yet.

Please pray that she feels better soon. That she is able to eat things and that it settles on her tummy easy. That she has a very restful sleep tonight and has a better day tomorrow

With all my heart, thank you!


  1. I'll be praying for her. Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks so much Philip and Mr.Batson :-) Really means a lot. Hayley, is feeling much better. No fevers today, but her appetite is still low. I hope tonight she sleeps well. Thanks again for praying for her.