Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141: Come Seek The Stars...

Do you like entering contest? How about a contest that has some CRAZY huge prizes? How about one that is a ton of fun?

The great Wayne Thomas Batson, is having an EPIC contest in celebration of the release of The Errant King book two of his Dark Sea Annals. The prizes are grand and earning points is a ton of fun. It started in November, but doesn't end until June 26, 2012.  There is still time to join in.

For more information and complete rules visit, Wayne Thomas Batson post on it here Contest Info and Rules

Or check out the Forum to see how it's played Starseekers Enclave

Some of the rules have changed, but nothing too big :-) The team constellation that I am in is "Starfire" and we could use a few more players. He just released the last quest and it's for new members to join.  If this sounds fun to you and if you have some spare time for it... I know life is crazy, come join us.

This contest is not only a fun thing for it's players, but also a big thing for the author. Please remember that, if you are thinking about joining.

For more information on the great Wayne Thomas Batson, visit his blog

And if you haven't already check out his books... there is many more, but today I'm only going to share with you the contest books/series. Type up his name and you'll see the others :-)

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