Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61: God's Power, Beauty, And Touch In Snow...

He gives [to the earth] snow like [a blanket of] wool; He scatters the hoarfrost like ashes. He casts forth His ice like crumbs; who can stand before His cold? He sends out His word, and melts [ice and snow]; He causes His wind to blow, and the waters flow. 
~Psalm 147:16-18

Today it rained, hailed, and mostly snowed, for pretty much the entire day. I love watching the snow fall and I am greatly blessed to live in an area that gets it every year.

I know some people have never seen snow before. It's fun to see the families and people who live in the city that come up to visit my area, beam over the snow. I can't help but laugh when I see them playing lower down the mountain from me, where they only got a dusting... drive up a little higher and you'll be speechless.

God's beauty and power can be found in many things... One of my favorite places to see Him would have to be the weather. The warmth of the sun, that gives us special beauty to look upon when it rises and sets. The strength of lightning that quickly spreads across the big sky, followed by the deep rumble of thunder, that I like to call, "God's drums." The relaxing patter of rain, that soothes your heart and fills your senses with newness... I love the way it smells after it rains.

Do you see God in the snow and weather too? Where do you see God's power, beauty, and touch? It's not too hard to find, just look around you...

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  1. I recently discovered that in Romans 10:18 Paul was quoting Psalm 19:4, and also that he based much of Romans on that principle (Romans 1:19-10). I thought that was cool. :)

    I find it a great irony that so many learned people spend so much time and resources looking for signs of intelligent life "out there", painstakingly combing through the vast quantities of data we glean from the heavens, when all the data, the whole of the heavens, is a message from the greatest Intelligence of all, in a language a child can understand.