Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68: Evil Becoming Good? The New News On Pepsi...

When did evil become good and good become evil? Today I read an article about Pepsi using aborted fetal cells in testings of their products. I did some deeper research on it and found out that other big name companies are perhaps doing the same thing. I honestly don't know if this is completely true, but I'm going to be on my guard until I find out.

I know we all have different opinions on things like abortion, religion, politics. We defer from what is okay and what is wrong. I feel with all my heart that eating aborted children is morally wrong and I can't comprehend why anyone wouldn't think the same, yet a few comments I read on another article today on this, proved me wrong.

What have we become? Have we lost too many morals to even see new evil such as this? Are we too dumb and blind to really think that eating the beginning of ourselves is okay? We are humans not animals. Cannibalism is a barbaric thing... isn't it?

We need to be more aware. We need to stand against evil things. We need to do it, before it becomes too late. Don't hide in the shadows over this. Do your own research and wake up.


  1. Well, good news, I have a logical reason for not liking Pepsi :D (I'm more of a Coca-Cola kinda guy, along with Dr. Pepper...) Of course, if any of those do it too...ugh, what else soda is there?

  2. I'm glad to hear that B.L.S. ;-) Coca-Cola wasn't on any of the list that I've found. Only Pepsi and Mountain Dew were the soda's that I've found to have done this. Don't know if it's completely true ;-/ Also some candy companies were also on the list, along with Aquafina water? I know crazy. Sad to say, but I think nothing is safe :( Feel free to google it and maybe you'll find out more.