Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85: My Review on, The Hunger Games Movie...

My family and I went out and saw, The Hunger Games, at our small local theater, Thursday night... yes it was the midnight showing. That was my crraazzzyyy thing I was doing. The midnight showing was a ton of fun. The first time I have ever done a midnight showing and I did it with no caffeine... lots of sugar though. Here is my review on it. Please feel free to share your review (ONLY if you have seen the movie) in the comment section below this post.

My Review on The Hunger Games Movie:
I know a lot of people have had some crazy harsh things to say about this movie. These reviews are coming from Christians which I find to be funny and a bit shameful.... on making us Christians look a little stupid. Twilight and Harry Potter is okay to a lot of Christians, but The Hunger Games isn't?  I admit I have never read nor seen Twilight or Harry Potter, nor will I ever. They are evil in my opinion. But I find it strange to consider this story unchristian like... especially when you see Twilight and Harry Potter, being okay. I personally don't see The Hunger Games, being evil. In fact they are more human like than perfect Vampires and good Wizards... both of these stories have a lot of dark things in them with death and fighting.  Maybe I'll do a deeper review on this soon, for now here is my review on the movie...
My only disappointment in it was Peeta. They (in my opinion) made his character dull, compared to what I saw him in the book. His demeanor was just different and almost unlikable. I think they also missed on putting in some big key elements of him and Katniss, that would make you understand and see their friendship build better. In my opinion I think they did a really poor job on that. I like the actor who played Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and I really don't blame him for it, more to whoever wrote his parts.

My mom who didn’t read the book (she does it after seeing the movie) thought the flash backs of the bread scene was him being a jerk and the reason for Katniss being a little hostile towards him. That was a sweet scene in the book, not the way they betrayed it in the movie. My mom thought Peeta was a bad character, until all of a sudden Katniss was nice to him. I got it, though it bugged me, but she didn’t. And one BIG thing with him at the end, which I won’t say, but it deals with his leg. They made that end happier and wrote in a very different scene... ha, ha.  But that was something that I felt was pretty touching in the book... so I sort of missed it, even though the movie version was happier.

I think they did an excellent job at not making it too gory, which it really could of been. It was just enough were you got it and was sad, but not enough to make you want to turn your head. I liked that! I'm really glad they didn't get into too much details of characters killing each other. I know that is the theme of the story and some have said they wished for it to be more gory. They in my opinion did it in a satisfying way. Too much would of ruined the movie and the bigger story. I still highly recommended being 12 or older to see it. PG-13 is a good rating for it. We need to be cautious with what we see. DON'T bring your younger sibling or child to see it. Too disturbing for a young mind to understand, yet this is just my opinion...
The actors were great, especially Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss. I’m not a fan of hers, but I think she did a beautiful job. I really felt and saw her emotions. She truly put a lot of work into her part and it really showed. Also she had a natural prettiness about her.

Do I recommend this movie... yes! I'm going to buy it when it comes out on dvd and I really look forward to the sequel :-)


  1. Thanks!! I saw this movie today, and I will probably be writing a review of it soon. Good review!

  2. Very well said! I think the movie was well crafted and quite enjoyable. It did keep the worst parts to a minimum, which should *encourage, not discourage* the Christians who saw it to stop hating on it. ;-P haha


  3. I loved the movie, but then again, I had read the book first. I was a little afraid while watching the movie, however, that people who hadn't read the books wouldn't pick on a lot of things. Like the flash-backs with the bread, for instance. The relationship between Katniss and Peeta perhaps could have used some work, but I wasn't overly bothered about it. But my advice for anyone who wants to watch the movie, is to definitely read the books first. Thankfully the director stayed pretty close to the story line (at least in my opinion... it wasn't as off-course as the last two narnia movies, that's for sure).

    The real trouble lies in the narrative of the book. Because it's written in first person present tense, I'm sure it was difficult to render an accurate filming of the text. After all, a movie almost HAS to be done in third person... third person present, mind, but still third person. Unfortunately that takes away from a lot of the story, since the book is mostly based off of Katniss' outlook on life and her impressions of things, not so much on what's going on outside of her own perspective.

    I still bawled over Rue though. That scene is so beautiful and sad!