Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62: Check Out My Friend's New E-book....

My friend Nichole J. White, just came out with her very first e-book. Nichole is a gifted young lady that reaches for her dreams no matter how big they might be... nothing can stop her. She is a go getter and very inspiring. I love her unstoppable heart.

I haven't had the pleasure of reading her e-book yet, due to not owning an e-reader(Kindle) but  I have read a little of her book  Song of the Daystar, off of her blog. Without a doubt Blue Moon will be a fun read. Don't miss out on her very first E-book and look out for her name, you'll be sure to hear more grand things from her in the future.

About the book:

Author: Nichole J. White
Book Name: Blue Moon
A short story complete at approx: 4,000 words. 
Publisher: Nichole White
Format: Kindle Edition (Will be available for Smashwords and B&N sometime soon)
Price: .99 cents (How could you not give it a try with that price)

ZI Mara is an elite soldier in the F.A.H (that's Faeries Among Humans for those of you without fae blood).  When an enraged male ghoul escapes the faerie realms and begins on a rampage for Chicago, Mara and her friend, Officer Lee Moker, are the only ones who can stop the monster and save the humans from disaster. However, the ghoul has already taken a large bite out of Mara's shoulder and its venom is slowly rendering her immobile.  The only hope for the people of Chicago rests in Mara's hands... and that hope could cost her her life.

(A disclaimer for those of you who are a bit more sensitive, the word "heck" is used several times throughout the story.)

Here is a short Bio about her, but to really get to know her check out her blog

Nichole White is 23, a devout Christian, oldest of six children, and was homeschooled up to her first semester in college in the Spring of O9. But above everything else in her hectic life, Nichole is a writer. Her writing tends to lean towards Fantasy (with a little sci-fi thrown in) more than anything else. Nichole Also enjoys lurking in the sci-fi/fantasy forum at Her current Blog "The Pen and Parchment" is a place she goes to discuss different subjects she finds interesting, first and foremost the art of writing, and then that of reading, and so on. It also might occasionally contain anything that is on her mind at the time. In the near future "The pen and Parchment" will obtain information about her current project, "Song of the Daystar" a christian fantasy novel, now in the final stages of the last rewrite. Please check in to learn more.

To purchase, Blue Moon by Nichole J. White go to 


  1. Aw! Thank you Ryan! You are a real sweetheart, and I don't feel like half of those nice things you say about me, but again, thank you. ^_^ You are a blessing.


  2. You are very welcome Nichole :-) I hope to someday soon read it. And you are every one of those nice things I couldn't help on saying about you and even more.

    Keep shining,