Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 78: Death... It's Been Conquered...

A tragic event happened in my area today. I don’t know why such horrible things happen at times. A little eight year old girl was killed in her bed, from a tree that fell through her house.
Snow is falling very hard in my area and the trees are ready for spring, so they break easier.

This hits a little too close for me and is perhaps why it bothers me so. Last December a very large Ponderosa almost killed me. I honesty don’t know how I made it. God was so gracious to me.

As I’ve gotten older I’m more sensitive to things. Things that used to not bother me so much bother me now. I recently watched a movie I had seen many times, but  hadn’t seen it for a few years. The death scenes in it bothered me so bad, that it hung with me for a few days.

I know that death is not the end for us, yet the beginning of something new, yet why does it hurt?

I have had death hit me in the heart. I have lost loved ones and people I knew. I don’t know if it’s God’s way of comforting us, but slowly you forget these people. You forget the way they talked. The way they smiled, how tall they were, and their special presence. It doesn’t happen fast, but over time it comes and there isn’t a way to really stop it. Life goes one... life always goes on.

Death is sorrowful, but death has been conquered and I think we forget that. I forget that. Jesus broke the pain from death and brought beauty instead. Such great beauty. Why should we cry over that beauty?
I don’t understand why some of us go home so early or over something so hurtful, but I do know that death shouldn’t be something that’s so sad, but is. Yet it is not the end, but the beginning of something beautiful.

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