Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 64: Letting Him Breathe Into Your Dreams...

"Most of you are probably sitting on ideas that others think won't work. Let God breathe on those ideas and begin to dream."
 - Pastor Kirk Gilchrist

I read this beautiful quote from a friend off of Facebook today... Pastor Kirk is a smart guy. I have many ideas and BIG dreams. A few dear ones of mine have been shot down by others, but mostly by my own doubt... yes sometimes I find myself to be pretty crazy with some of my ideas. Sadly we can be our own dream killers, either by listening to others bad opinions or following our own self doubt.

Truth in the matter, my ideas come alive and work best when I give them to God. Usually before I write my book, I pray for God's guidance and a good creative mind... when I don't do this, I find my writing to be really poor. I truly believe He is the one that planted the idea of this story in my head to begun with, so why not ask for His guidance.

God has given us all some crazy, BIG dreams. It's our choice to trust in Him to come along with us on the journey or leave it alone and always wonder "What could have been?"

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