Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 166: A Steadfast Heart...

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is steadfast and confident! I will sing and make melody. ~Psalm 57:7
I'm sure you have noticed my fellow readers that I have been slacking a little on my blog post. They are not nearly as good as what they were when I first started this journey at the beginning of this year and I'm sorry for that. Thank you for still reading... I can tell from my stats, that you are still there.
Summer time is a time of rest, but my summer is starting off a little hectic. My family is going through some scary situations and with it follows stress. Anxiety and me don't get along very well. In fact it has been something I have struggled with, even at a young age. I don't want to share all the details because I might just sound a little crazy. ;-)
I'm kinda a worry wart at times. Haha okay I admit it, I worry too much. From little things, to big things. I hide it well from most people, which isn't always the best thing to do. I need to learn to let go of some of these worries and truly always have a steadfast heart.
I realize my anxiety gets so much worse when I'm not as close to God. Being a Christian is a BIG part of my life and who I am, yet sometimes I can be pretty lazy about it. From slacking in prayer time, to going for days without "really" reading my Bible.
Listening and singing some good worship music, lefts my soul. It's something I do everyday, but that alone doesn't completely fill me up.
Siting down and soaking in His Mighty Words, comforts my heart. His words are truly alive!
Taking a quiet time of prayer,  restores all hope that has been lost. The King of the universe listens to little me.
When I do all three of these, life goes smoother and truly happier. Why do I ever forget?
Life is crazy, yet it is also beautiful. Too many of us are depressed and sorrow filled. Today Dr.Oz (shocking... I do watch him sometimes) had Goldie Hawn on and she talked about finding true everyday happiness, from her struggle with depression. She had a lot of things right, such as everyday gratitude and only you can change your attitude. Yet she had a very huge thing missing and that was Jesus.
This world has a lot to offer, but none will give you lasting satisfaction. Only your Savior can. Only He can restore your hope and fill you with love, because He and He only is hope and love, and everything good and pure.
I want a Steadfast Heart, how about you?
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  1. I haven't noticed any slacking in your posts! I'm impressed you've stuck to doing one a day. I do good to do one a month. :)

    1. You are too kind Philip :-) Thank you! I must say you always comment at the perfect time... appreciate it.