Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer Request...

 If you could spare any prayers, could you please left my family up. Especially my mom and sister.

My family has been hit a little hard this last month with some scary hard news.

My sister Hayley, had a needle biopsy done to her thyroid in her neck Monday. Please lift her up and pray that everything will go well. That this is nothing serious and that it would go away and not need surgery. We should get back the results in a few days. Pray that they'll come back benign. I had to have thyroid surgery when I was just 12 and we really don’t want Hayley to go through the same thing.

My mom is going into surgery tomorrow at 9:00a.m. and is really nervous. She has never had surgery for anything before and this will be her first time being put under with anesthesia.  Her recovery is going to be at least six weeks. This isn’t anything too serious, yet it isn’t something small. Please left her up in prayer for courage and strength. That the surgery goes as planned and that the healing is quick and painless.

My blog for the next week might be having some small post, because of my family situations. Thanks for lifting us in prayer. Really means a lot!


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    1. Thank you for praying for my family. My mom's surgery went well. She is really sore, but that is part of the recovery :( Please pray for the pain to ease, no infections or anything that will set her back, and a quick easy recovery. Also to rest well tonight... hospitals truly aren't a great place to sleep. With all my heart, thank you! I'll continue to keep you posted.

      My sister should be hearing her results tomorrow... please pray that's it's good news.

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