Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168: A Thank You To All You Dads...

 Dad's are special. They teach you a lot of good things. Like how to put a cooler in (did that today with my dad). How to shoot a gun (or arrow). How to throw a ball, set up a tent, drive and take care of your car. Yet, the greatest thing that dad's teach us is... how to love.

Their teaching of love is a special love. It's a love that we pass to our spouse and children. A love that becomes the strong hold for our future home. A love you can't find anywhere else.

I would like to thank my dad. I am very blessed! Thank you dad for everything you have done for me. All the hard work you have done and provided for your family. For your patients when I drive you crazy over my silly quirks. For always willing to teach me, even when I don't get it... I remember those algebra days. Haha. I love you dad and I greatly thank God for you.

Please remember to thank your dad today... actually thank him often. Sadly I know some of us don't have a real dad or a very good dad... that's okay. Thank the one man strongest in your life, whether it be your grandpa that is raising you, your uncle, your foster dad, step dad etc. Dads come in many different ways and it doesn't make them less special. Also we all have the Greatest dad of all... Our Heavenly Father.

Happy Father's Day and may you have a blessed one.

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