Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 178: Our Feet...

 This was too pretty to not share. I have a weird thing when it comes to feet (they really freakishly gross me out) Haha, so this was a neat thing for me to read and it's so true. God has made our feet beautiful, in so many ways. Enjoy and be blessed.

God makes our feet like those of a deer who is able to climb to high ground and stand secure—Psalm 18:33

God keeps our feet steady and free from wavering—Psalm 18:36

As we keep our eyes upon the Lord, He will keep our feet from the traps of the enemy—Psalm 25:15

God has removed our feet from the ground that sinks and stinks, and has placed them upon ground that is as solid and firm as a rock— Psalm 40:2

God has put our feet on the pathway of life that is filled with the light of His presence—Psalm 56:13

The paths that God will make for our feet will keep us from living a life of regrets—Psalm 116:8

Happy feet are the feet that walk in the way of obedience to the Lord—Psalm 119:59

Feet that walk according to the Word of God will always be stepping away from evil—Psalm 119:101

The Word of God will always shine enough light on our path so our feet can take the next step—Psalm 119:105

Our feet don’t automatically move in the right direction, but they follow the path of our choices—Proverbs 4:26

Our feet were made to take us to the places where the Gospel of peace and the good news of Salvation can be proclaimed—Isaiah 52:7

Our feet need to keep moving us toward the day when His feet shall once again stand upon the Mount of Olives at His return. Zechariah 14:4

Roy Lessin

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