Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170: Small Snippet Of TROH And A Pic Writing Challenge...

Worked a little on my book The Realm of Hearts today. (Yes, I'm still doing my P5 for Camp Nano...  when this one calls me though, I must reply.)

So recently I've been re-writing and editing backwards on it. Weird?... yes, but it has been helpful on fixing a few holes. I'm for sure a "seat of your pants writer" and realize things don't get smoothed out as well, unlike when you have an outline. So why don't I do an outline? Will, I have. I just don't stick with it. Plus not knowing where you are going to go is so much more fun. ;-)

So today I worked on a scene inspired by this photo below. I found this on Devianart a few weeks back and knew it was perfect for one of my ending scenes.
Here is just a very small snippet of it... (PLEASE know that this was just written in today and will more than likely be edited slightly or differently in the future. I have also cut out just a little within it, because it might give away too much. PLEASE do not copy in any way! Corazon is a Pegasus, but her wings at this time are unable to fly. The reason for that will be shared later...mwwahahaha ;-)

Corazon was now on the edge. The strong current of the waterfall blew her damp mane back into her rider. She stamped the ground and raised her body back, knowing it was certain death if she fell.
“Go Corazon. Trust that the Great One will be with us.” her rider urged her forward.
Corazon shook her head and let out a frantic neigh.
“Creator of All, guild us as we fall. Give us light, when there is none to see. Let us not fail, yet prevail. I know this is not the end. Now go, dear Corazon!"
Corazon edged forward, slightly slipping on the wet edge. Rocks skipped down below, but the sound of their fall was never heard.
"Swift wings of flight, give us heights. Guild us to wonders above. Lead us through the wind and water. Safely to the splendors of love."
With a gentle kick, Corazon stepped off the edge...

I did say it was a very small snippet :-) I know not a very grand one either... forgive me if I have any *cough* grammar mistakes... I'm always learning the proper ways. I promise to share more snippets in the near future. Bigger and much better ones!

So what kind of scene would you write from this picture?
Feel free to write your version in the comments below.

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  1. Very cool! I like it. :) I won't try to write a snippet here, but it does remind me of a scene I did in my short story Daughter of Eagles (which is in SmorgaSword).

    1. Thanks Philip :) No problem about not taking the writing challenge. Daughter of Eagles... I really like the sound of that. Is your book SmorgaSword available on paperback? Let me know if so :-)